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best books

10 best books of 2020 not to be missed

2020 turned out to be a difficult year, but how generous with great books!

best books

The best book

Summing up the past year and choosing the best of the best. This is the editorial opinion, and you can determine the winner by voting.

This year turned out to be really difficult for everyone, including book publishers and authors. Nevertheless, we were able to identify the best book: “Clap with one hand. How inanimate nature gave birth to the human mind ”by Nikolai Kukushkin.

This is the debut work of an evolutionary neuroscientist, in which he recreates a picture of the world step by step: from inanimate matter to the human mind. The author’s goal is to prove that we were special at every turn of our evolutionary path.

In parallel, the book provides answers to a variety of questions. For example, what happened before – a chicken or an egg, and what happens if you give an elephant LSD? Why can’t you think of two things at the same time and how to make it work? How did it happen that the lungs appeared thanks to lichens, and who is to blame for human suffering?

This is not a complicated textbook – the book is written with humor and full of pop culture references. It is intended for everyone who is interested in the world around them and loves to seek answers to questions.

In 2020, there were other books worth mentioning.

  • “What are the women called” by Irina Fufaeva. Previously, only linguists used this term, but now half of the Internet argues about feminitives – often citing completely unscientific arguments. Therefore, the author-linguist decided to understand the topic really seriously. And she did it well.
  • “Darwinism in the XXI century” by Boris Zhukov. The book describes the history of evolutionary doctrine and analyzes the arguments of its opponents. The author talks about the weak and strong points of the theory of evolution, its relationship with other sciences and provides his statements with numerous descriptions of scientific experiments and paleontological findings.
  • “Close-up of the Middle Ages” – in this book, the historian Oleg Voskoboinikov tells how in the Middle Ages people built a hierarchy of power, loved, fought and where they got inspiration. And also – why some events turned out to be the prerequisites for change, while others did not affect the course of history.
  • “People on the Moon” by Vitaly Egorov. To many people, a manned flight to the moon still seems implausible and raises many questions. You will find the answers to them in this book. And you will also find out if there was a toilet on a spaceship, how wet wipes and space radiation are related, why people do not fly to the moon these days, and what evidence is there that we were there.
  • “Counterclockwise” by Polina Loseva. There is hardly a person who would not like to remain young. Therefore, scientists have been working on this problem for hundreds of years. So why are we getting old and why hasn’t a cure for it been invented yet? What is the science of gerontology doing now and what can become our protection from old age? In the book you will find answers to these and other questions.
  • The Problems of Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. American-Singaporean writer Kevin Kwan became world famous for his novels Crazy Rich Asians and Crazy Rich Chinese Girl. “Problems of Crazy Rich Asians” is the third part of the story about the life of people “out of this world”. The main character is a young man from Singapore, who has to make a difficult choice: love or money? He can become the heir of a huge fortune to his grandmother, but only on condition that he refuses to marry his beloved, a girl without connections and position in society. It would seem that history is as old as the world, but it sounds exciting and fresh in unusual oriental realities. And yet – who are these rich Asians?
  • “Garden”, Marina Stepnova. An excellent reading for those who miss the Russian classics, but have already read everything. Marina Stepnova, author of The Women of Lazarus, has written an amazing book about finding oneself and a woman’s right to self-determination. In a wealthy noble family, the girl Tusya is born, whose life is deliberately predetermined. Society decides how to behave, what to learn, whom to love. But Tusya has shown a bright individuality since childhood and does not intend to put up with the rules! Where will her struggle against everyone lead? The book will contain insane love, despair, and a difficult choice of characters – not to come off.
  • There Will Be Blood by Stephen King. Stephen King’s numerous fans around the world were counting the days until the book was released, and here it is! Available exclusively to read or listen to on MyBook, There Will Be Blood is a collection of novellas written by King in his usual manner. Subtle psychologism, intricate plot, murders and riddles … At the same time, all stories are very different – about touching friendship and love, writing, the cost of human life, monsters and fears. By the way, in one of the novellas you will again meet the heroine of “The Outsider” Holly Gibney, who has yet to go through another adventure …
  • American Dirt by Jenin Cummins. The book that will replace any action-packed series for you! The action takes place in Mexico – the main character lives her usual life with her husband-journalist and little son. However, after the publication of her husband, exposing the drug cartel, real hell begins … The bandits kill the whole family and all the relatives of the heroine, miraculously, only she and her son survive. The unhappy woman goes on the run, the only way to escape is to cross the US border. But this, as you know, is not at all easy. The novel is written so that you can sit reading until morning. He also became a real literary sensation and made a lot of noise on both sides of the ocean.
  • The Lying Adult Life by Elena Ferrante. Elena Ferrante is a mysterious person. Her books are sold in millions of copies, but it is not known who is hiding under a pseudonym. Perhaps this fact further fuels public interest in Ferrante’s novels. “Lying Adult Life” is a story about a young girl whose growing up turned out to be very difficult. Unpleasant family secrets, betrayal of the closest people, first love and desire to be heard. The book answers the eternal question – is it easy to be young? Like all children, the heroine once dreamed of becoming an adult, but, alas, life is not at all like a fairy tale.