Depression in women

Depression in women: causes and symptoms

The latest data from the World Health Organization show that more than 300 million people on our planet suffer from depression. She comes at any age – from adolescence to old. The number of women suffering from depressive manifestations is twice as high as that of men.

Depression in women

How to recognize depression: 10 main symptoms

A bad mood and a diagnosis of depression cannot be equated. It can be a response to a stressful situation and quickly bounces back. However, sometimes this state is delayed and gradually becomes an obstacle to a full life. The ability to enjoy life is gradually being lost. The characteristic symptoms are not very disturbing at first. But, if nothing is done, every day they can become more expressive, and the list of them expands.

Psychologists recommend paying attention to the signs of a depressive state if they last more than 2 weeks:

  • lack of motivation, unwillingness to perform habitual actions and even go to work;
  • self-flagellation, heightened and often unfounded feelings of guilt, decreased self-esteem;
  • sleep disturbance – its depth, structure, duration; • appetite disorder – refusal to eat or excessive food intake;
  • complete lack of strength, morning weakness, inability to do household chores and hygiene procedures;
  • lethargy – intellectual and physical;
  • increased anxiety , phobias;
  • difficulties in making decisions, fear of making a mistake in any actions and, as a result, refusal of them;
  • decrease in sexual activity, up to a complete rejection of intimate relationships. Sometimes – increased sexuality;
  • irritability, anxiety, anxiety for loved ones and feelings of guilt towards them;
  • hypochondria, suspiciousness – in the absence of pathologies, complaints of pain in the stomach, heart or other organs. Disbelief in her connection with psychological problems.

There are many reasons for depression, especially in women.

Causes of depression in women

The life of a modern woman is oversaturated with affairs, problems and responsibilities. In addition to fulfilling the functions of procreation and raising children assigned to them, women, on an equal basis with men, take an active part in public life, make a significant contribution to the family budget, and ensure the comfort of the family hearth. At certain stages of a woman’s life, fluctuations in hormone levels occur, which are accompanied by changes in mood, behavior, emotional perception.

Causes of depression in women

This and much more can be the causes of depression in women. They can be conditionally divided into pathophysiological and psychological

Psychological reasons include:

  • Frequent or persistent stress
  • General understanding of the failure of your life
  • Feeling unnecessary yourself or your job
  • Childhood psychological trauma
  • Parting with a loved one, divorce
  • Traumatic situations: accidents, violence, natural disasters, etc.

Pathophysiological reasons may arise due to:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Overwork, chronic fatigue
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Head Injury
  • Intoxication by various substances, including alcohol

As medical practice shows, most often depression is caused not by one, but by a complex of reasons.

Stages of female depression

In the initial stage of depression, there is a “looping” on unpleasant and negative events, the world around us is perceived a little differently. Suffering is often not accepted by others as something serious, and people themselves tend to consider their psychological problems not too big a problem at first.

Depending on the severity of the manifestation of depressive symptoms, their number and time period, experts determine 3 degrees of female depression – mild, moderate and severe.

Stages of female depression
  1. The lung is characterized by signs that do not interfere with the performance of their functions at home and at work, but cause depression, anxiety, and bad mood.
  2. The average degree of depression is characterized by a pronounced depression of mood, a significant decrease in working capacity and activity, inhibition of motor and mental processes, and low self-esteem.
  3. Lack of joy and decreased activity, fatigue and sleep disturbances are the first alarming “bells” signaling trouble. Decreased intelligence, loss of performance, indifference to family members, lack of emotions and interest in life, severe eating disorders are signs of severe depression. Such conditions require the intervention of doctors. Severe depression is manifested by a decrease in the body’s immune defense, which causes frequent infectious diseases.

How to recognize symptoms of depression?

How often excessive fatigue, irritability, insomnia, we explain the workload and everyday problems. The manifestations of the depressive state cannot be ignored. Experts say that severe depression cannot be completely cured. That is why it is so important to recognize the symptoms of a depressive state in time and take timely measures. A simple test for signs of depression will help you find out about your condition, which will help determine what is bothering you – just a bad mood due to bad weather or a pre-depressive state.

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