Depression prevention

Depression prevention

For effective prevention of depression, like any disease, you should familiarize yourself with the causes and symptoms of its occurrence: Depression in women: causes and symptoms, Depression in men. Causes and symptoms.

Depression can hide a variety of events, situations and problems, and the volume of all this can be very large. General knowledge about this disease can certainly be useful, but if you want to completely get rid of depression, then it is important to take care of putting things in order in your life, your attitude towards it and how and what you live, what engage in. right away or at the same time as taking antidepressants prescribed by your psychiatrist. The task is to make life such that there is no place for depression, because if it appears, it will come.

Depression prevention plan

A depression prevention plan should primarily focus on strengthening the central nervous system. Prevention of depression in this case is very important, since after the first case of depression, the risks of re-illness increase to 70%. That is, a predisposition appears. Prevention measures for persons with a predisposition to a depressive state are best carried out under the strict supervision of specialists with possible drug intervention.

Preventing depression is one of the main measures to combat this disease. It is important to understand that it is much easier to prevent the appearance of this ailment than to treat it later. Therefore, in the beginning, let’s talk about the main thing. If in your life or the life of someone close to you, there is any long-term stress factor, or the level of anxiety is too high, take care of how to reduce this level. Take an interest in each other’s life and help each other as much as possible to solve emerging problems. The level of stress that a modern person experiences can be prohibitively high, and the resources of the psyche are different for everyone. Remember that a little humanity manifested in time can solve many problems.

Depression prevention

Prevention plan

  • The prevention plan consists of several simple points. For example, healthy sleep and rest. It would seem so simple. But this is truly the most valuable medicine for the nervous system: during sleep, our body rests, accumulates the necessary energy, and regenerates damaged cells.
  • The second most important preventive measure is proper nutrition. A balanced diet will strengthen our defenses and increase stress resistance.
  • A good mood is an excellent prevention of depression and any mental disorders. Initially, you need to find out the root of the problem and fix it.
  • Observe the daily routine. The human body is a self-organizing thing, and failures in the regime can unsettle it.
  • Put aside bad habits, health comes first.
  • Spend more time with loved ones and loved ones. Warm communication in a pleasant family circle will give a feeling of need, happiness, just pleasant emotions. This is especially important for the prevention of depression. Feel free to ask for help.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, spend more time on the move.
  • Avoid stress. Don’t put on your shoulders in advance impossible tasks that will fail.
  • Find time for your hobbies, for relaxation and doing what you love, love yourself, and a stress and depression prevention plan will help you stay in a good mood in a difficult situation.

Depression prevention is very important, especially when there is an individual predisposition, specific life circumstances, high life load.

So, 5 useful and simple recommendations that will help you avoid “gray-grayness”, a severe, cold, lifeless, powerless disease:

1 – it is important to take care of your own strengths, to restore your energy. It is important to live at your own pace, in case of stressful situations, arrange recovery periods with enough sleep, sports activity, time for yourself during the day. Whenever possible, it’s important to become aware of your stressors and find ways to deal with them with less energy.

2 – to take care of pleasant and good experiences, where there is joy – there is an important value for life. It is important to stop, take a deep breath and try to feel if it is worth it, if it is good for me. In doing so, it is important to maintain a good close relationship in which problems and feelings can be discussed. Before going to bed, plan something pleasant, joyful for every day. Decorate your personal space, dress in beautiful clothes for celebrations. Regularly devote time to hobbies, sports, three to four times a week for 30-60 minutes.

3 – it is important to work through sadness or grief in case of an existing loss, failure, disappointment. Anything that is constantly and truly stressful is a problem and can lead to depression.

4 – it is important to do first of all what is important, personally significant, loved. It is important to keep track of your time, what it is spent on and not neglect yourself. Learn to pay attention to your needs and protect yourself.

5 – in endogenous forms of depression, it is important to use prophylaxis medication to reduce relapses and develop more severe forms of depression.

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