How to get out of depression

How to get out of depression

Do you know the feeling of waking up and already tired?

If after waking up you feel that your “battery” is exhausted and the only argument to raise yourself is “must”. If you can describe your daily state – “as if you are submerging under water and lose touch with the outside world.” And this continues almost all day for at least two weeks. It’s time to “sound the alarm”! You are depressed. What to do?

How to get out of depression

In the modern world, depression has become an epidemic: one in ten people suffers from it.

At the same time, half consider the disease not real. They prefer not to talk about symptoms with a doctor or family. They are ashamed of going to a psychiatrist, are afraid of antidepressants and hope that it will pass by itself. So what is depression? And how do you get into it?

Driving yourself into depression is easy. You need to constantly think about the opinion of others about yourself, your appearance, status, position, financial situation. Are you exactly meeting their expectations? Think everyone loves you? Another way is to learn about negative news. Even if you are doing well, things are different in the world. The ruble is falling, the coronavirus is raging, somewhere someone was deceived, someone died. Do all the work yourself. Work seven days a week. Don’t like your job? Perfectly! Look for the negative in everything. And stop believing in yourself. The main thing is to accumulate more examples of your own failure in your mind.

Does this advice seem absurd? But, think about it, because it happened with each of us. So how do you avoid depression and live a happy, fulfilling life?

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Common problems, conflicts that invade our lives and plans, undermine health and destroy happiness. It seems that in order to deal with them, we need “superpower”. Fortunately, we have it! This power is our subconscious, which is just waiting to be released.

To be happy, you don’t have to constantly fight and fight your way through the chaos of everyday life.

On the contrary, sometimes it is worth letting go of the situation and listening to your subconscious. It often knows more about what you need here and now.

Depression or bad mood?

How to get out of depression on your own? Start small

  • sleep at least seven hours
  • walk every day for 10-30 minutes. Smile while you walk
  • read more books
  • dream more
  • Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip
  • put negative thoughts out of your mind and see the positives.
  • learn to forgive. What other people think of you is none of your business. Remember, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change
  • don’t overdo it. Work won’t take care of you if you get sick. Set reasonable limits.
How to get out of depression on your own

In order not to get depressed, you must always remember that the causes of most problems live in our head. The problem is lack of energy. We often give more than we receive. Overrun. It’s time to “charge”.

Most medications for mental and neurological disorders cause drowsiness, lethargy, dull thinking, and other side effects. They cannot be used in difficult and critical situations that require extreme concentration.

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