Karen Ball, Christian novels that focus on faith and the realities of life

  • Want help  learning how to write a novel? (You ARE brave, aren’t you!) This is the page for you. Check out books to help you know how to write a novel (Christian, romance, suspense, contemporary, you name it!), as well as a number of links to writers’ conferences and other helpful sites.
  • Looking for a great read? Why not start with one of Karen’s books? You’ll find real-life issues, true-to-life and likeable characters,  honesty, adventure, and humor.
  • Interested in becoming an editor? I don’t blame you. It’s a great career. But it’s also hard to break in. So here are some helps for you, both in understanding exactly what kind of editing you want to do and how to go about getting started.
  • Looking for insights into what makes writers tick? Want inside info and glimpses behind the scenes of Christian publishing? Then this is the page for you. No, you won’t find gossip. But you will find thoughts and insights to help you understand writers and that mysterious world of publishing.
  • Have a question that’s been bugging you about writing, publishing, editing? Send it to Ask the Author/Editor and know you’ll get a response from someone who’s been in the publishing world for over 26 years.
  • Reading and writing fiction is all about relationships–the readers’ relationship with the characters and author, the author’s relationship with the story, and so on. So you can get to know me (and some of my novelist buddies) a little better in the picture gallery .
  • Last but not least, feel like sharing your thoughts/opinions? Have a question Fill out our the reader’s/visitor’s survey. As an added bonus, if you want I can put you on my email list to make sure you know the latest and greatest when it happens.So come wander a while. Have fun, and remember, there’s wonder everywhere. All you have to do is look.

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