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Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published From self-editing to promotion, writing magazine articles to novels, 25 published authors share inspiration and advice for those writers.

Whether you’re interested in fiction or nonfiction, articles or books; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s something in this book for you.

windpickedup-2023-02-2023-02What the Wind Picked Up

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Never worry again that someone will steal your idea!

How does a group of published Christian novelists, most of whom teach at writer’s conferences, help aspiring writers understand no one can “steal” a book idea? (Not really. Because no one can write your story the way you would.) ¬†Through this fun, entertaining, and encouraging book.

The premise was simple: we’d each write a story with:

The first line: The wind was picking up.A case of mistaken identity, a chase at a noted landmark, and an odd form of transportation. (Supposedly Hitchcock used these 3 elements to create, North by Northwest. Hey, if it worked for him…!)

The last line “And that’s exactly what she did.”

So what you’ll find in this book are dozens of amazing short stories, in an amazing array of genres, all as different as the authors themselves. And that’s the point! ¬†(An added bonus: the authors share tips and advice for those who want to write. )

familytraditions-2023-02-2023-02Family Traditions that Last a Lifetime

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Start celebrating your family traditions today!

My family has wonderful traditions that have been passed on for generations, and my mom was the queen of celebrations, so writing this book was just an outgrowth of all I’d learned from Mom. And it was my way to honor the traditions that I love and cherish.

We had all kinds of people contribute traditions, from everyday folks to celebrities like Art Linkletter (I was so thrilled to get a letter from him!), Shirley Dobson, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, and a host of others. This is the book to buy if you want some great ideas for building your own traditions.