Photos Galore

Karen’s Favorite Things

Life Verse: Habakkuk 2:3

Color: Green

Novels: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

The Lion, the Witch,  & the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Treat:         Dark chocolate, especially Godiva’s dark chocolate covered cherries! Yum!

Animal:    Dogs.  No, wait, cats. Or Tigers!  Yeah, tigers are cool. But then there’s Meerkats and pandas and horses…

Oh, fine!              

All of ’em.

I really do believe wonder is everywhere, but most especially in our relationships. So here are some pix of some of my family and best pals for you to enjoy. Some you’ll know, either by name or their writing. Some you won’t know, but that’s okay. They’re great all the same!
Have fun!

P.S. If you’d like to see Annie’s colors--if you’ve read Kaleidoscope Eyes you know what I’m talking about!–go to the last picture.

Sleepy Bo
Here’s our 14-year-old Siberian, getting ready for a snooze. Isn’t he a beauty?
I didn’t do it!
Kodi is so funny! She can look so sheepish at times. You’d never guess this is a 95-lb hulk of a dog!
Kodi’s “Mini Me”
Dakota follows Kodi everywhere, and does whatever Kodi does. So Kodi’s putting her chin on the carpet, well then! Dakota must do the same!
Throw it!
Kodi’s fixed on me because I’m holding her frisbee. Dakota’s fixed on Kodi. When Kodi chases the frisbee, Dakota chases her! At least they both get exercise.
You can see I loved to laugh from an early age.
One of my favorite shots of my mom and dad at the Oregon coast.
My brothers, Kirk (l) and Kevin (r) and I have a great time when we get together!
…this is now! Don and me almost 27 years later. He’s the perfect hero in my life story.
Dakota loves to jump up in Don’s lap and snooze–and this time Don joined her. I’m not sure which one was snoring more loudly…Good thing they’re cute!
Kodi, my dad’s 95-lb German shepherd. I based the K-9 search and rescue dog in Kaleidoscope Eyes on this darlin’ dog!
One of my best buds: my editor, Julee Schwarzburg. She’s the best!
Two people who know me as I am…and still love me! Len Davis and Peggy Whitson. You don’t find better friends than this.
Lori–Annie’s inspiration! My coffee buddy who has Synesthesia, the condition I gave Annie. Lori’s also a gifted writer. She’ll be published some day!
The colors Lori–and Annie–see. They’re also the colors used for the title on the book’s cover! (Well…as close as they could get.) Cool, huh?