Plane crashes into car in Florida, killing 2 adults and 4-year-old

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured how a Beechcraft Bonanza plane crashed into a residential street and crashed into a car in Pembroke Pines, Florida, writes The Guardian.

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A boy riding in an SUV with his mother died when a small plane attempting to return to a South Florida airport crashed into them on a residential street on Monday afternoon, officials said.

Two people on the plane died, which was recorded by a neighbor’s surveillance camera. The boy’s mother was injured but was released from the hospital later that day, fire chief Marcel Rodriguez said.

The Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft barely had time to take off from North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines around 3:00 pm, believed to have experienced mechanical problems.

“The car was literally torn in half,” Salah Elsher, a neighbor who called 911, told WSVN.

“We heard a sound like a bomb going off, like a terrible noise. We went outside and everything was on fire,” another neighbor, Annabelle Fernandez, told the TV channel.

The boy’s mother was able to get out of the car and tried to free her son. Firefighters eventually freed the trapped child and took him to the hospital, where the boy died.

A camera on a neighbor’s door captured the crash, showing the plane crashing into the SUV as the woman was driving down the street. The wreckage of the plane then flies down the pavement, leaving a line of fire in its wake.

The plane also tore out a power line, officials said.

According to Local10, the police named the child – this is 4-year-old Taylor Bishop, as well as his mother – Megan Bishop. A woman is a paraprofessional at Hollywood Hills Elementary School.

The school board honored the memory of the boy with a minute of silence.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Administration are investigating the crash.

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