Skyrim black books

Skyrim black books is a special book, rather large in size, which is associated with the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. With the help of the article Where to find Black Books in Skyrim, you will find out what is so unusual about them, and of course where and how to get them.

Black book quest skyrim

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Black Books are unique quest skyrim books by Hermaeus Mora in the Dragonborn addon.

To access the books you need the Dragonborn add-on, since the books can only be read in Saltheim (reading in Skyrim will lead to the appearance of the inscription “The vision of Solstheim floats past your eyes and disappears”). There are 7 books in total, each of them has 3 special active properties.

It should be noted that the book Awakening Dreams provides a wider range of choices for improving your skills, as it relates to the main quest of the game.

Read the book the character is immediately transferred to the Apocrypha. In each of his plans, there are several chapters that are tied to the book. After completing all the chapters, the hero will be endowed with a special, hidden knowledge of Hermaeus Mora, which only the smartest seeker receives.

Skyrim Features:

  • The weight of one book is equal to one
  • Book cost 2000 septims
  • They cannot be sold
  • You can choose a different skill at any time by reading the book again
  • You can “surprise” people by reading a book in a crowded place, and hearing the phrase: “You just became almost transparent for a second.”

So now let’s figure it out and find out where and how to find all 7 Black Books in Skyrim!

Skyrim Black Book: Sharp Feather

skyrim black books locations: Nchardak

Quest: Path of Knowledge

Note: You break your head in some parts of the quest, the solution for treatment is simple, watch the video walkthrough, or ask a question in the comments.


  • Dragonborn Strength
  • Dragonborn Flame
  • Dragonborn Ice

Skyrim Black Book: Filament and Filigree

skyrim black books locations: Kolbjorn Mound

Quest: Excavation

Note: To complete the quest, you will have to fork out as much as 11,000 septims to finance the excavation of the ancient temple. As a result, you will receive a unique set of armor and a pair of Azidal rings, and a word of Strength.


  • The secret of magic
  • Secret of protection
  • The secret of strength

Skyrim Black Book: Hidden Dusk

skyrim black books locations: Tel Mithryn

Quest: No. After opening access to the staff enchanter, the book lies on the table next to the “Staff Enchanter”

Note: Neloth might say something like, “You might ask if I haven’t researched this book yet …”


  • Mora’s Agony
  • Mora’s Grace
  • Mora’s Grasp The Skyrim Black Book: The Painful Regent skyrim black books locations: White Ridge Barrow Quest: No Reward: Power seeker Shadow seeker Seeker of magic Skyrim Black Book: Winds of Change skyrim black books locations: Bloodskal Mound Quest: The Last Descent Note: During the quest, get a collectible two-handed “Blade of Bloodskal” Reward: Follower Intuition Lover’s intuition Scientist intuition Skyrim Black Book: Legends Untold skyrim black books locations: Benkongerik Quest: Lost Knowledge Note: Gives you the opportunity to choose the ability to summon a Dremora merchant, who always has 2000 gold with him (update once a game day) and good clothes. Reward:
    • Knowledge of the bard
    • Black market
    • Secret Servant Skyrim Black Book: Awakening Dreams skyrim black books locations: Temple of Mirak Quest: Final, At the Top of the Apocrypha Reward: Resets any skill tree in exchange for one dragon soul.

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