ways to overcome depression

Ways to overcome depression

ways to overcome depression

Life was paused and all colors were erased, the world became gray, and thoughts became black and white. On the soul, somewhere in the chest area lies a heavy stone, the mood is below the plinth, which day. Who took all the joy? I scooped it out on a spoon and there was emptiness that spilled over the body. And what will happen next? Not interested!

Scary, alarming sleepless nights, food is not happy, friends and their affairs are not important. Come on, cheer up! But as? If you have no more strength and desire! This is how you can fit the signs of depression in one paragraph.

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by depressed and depressed mood, loss and inability to enjoy.

Faithful companions of depression: low self-esteem, pessimism, constant fatigue, lack of interest in what is happening

But in the modern world, everything that is not laziness is called depression. I didn’t buy a fur coat – I’m depressed. I do not like the work, there too. No, it’s just whims, low mood or stress. With the diagnosis, everything is much more serious.

What is depression? This is a black dog, as Winston Churchill called her, he already knew exactly how this disease could torment and torment. And this is a disease! Which can and should be treated. It is impossible to make such a diagnosis on your own, only a doctor can do it. Like any other diagnosis. The specialist can determine the type of depression and develop a treatment strategy, such as prescribing medication to treat depression.

Types of Depression

Experts divide the disease into exogenous, when the disorder is caused by environmental influences, and endogenous, when a depressive disorder is caused by an internal conflict.

There are several types of depression:

  • clinical
  • chronic
  • bipolar
  • masked
  • vegetative
  • asthenic
  • postpartum

What happens to our brains when we are depressed?

Our brain contains about 1.1 trillion cells, including 100 billion neurons. Feelings and sensations are impulses that are transmitted from one nerve cell to another.

With depression in the center of emotions, there is a shift in the mediator background towards a decrease in the concentration of norepinephrine, serotonin and enkephalins. When these mediators enter a state of imbalance, a feeling of decline appears: there is no mood, no desire in all its manifestations, and no interest in anything.

depression treatment

An important point when they talk about the treatment of depression, they always mention the patient’s desire to get out of colorlessness and start painting life with bright colors. Help the therapist, help drugs: move more, play sports, or start drawing. Can’t you? Then buy a coloring book and colored pencils. Line by stroke, as in life, and you will see that the sky has become brighter, and the neighbor from the house opposite is friendlier. There is a way out of depression, just start and don’t let yourself be broken!

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