What is depression

“- I wake up in the morning and can’t get up. I try to raise my hand – it doesn’t work. The body doesn’t listen. It doesn’t want to. Why? Unclear. In the end I get up, but I don’t know why. I wake up the next morning. The very fact that I woke up infuriates. Something needs to be done. You need to go somewhere. What for? If I could sleep forever, I would sleep. I don’t want to open my eyes. I do not understand why! I don’t understand why anymore! ”- to hear this from a friend is a shock.


We have been friends with Olivia since childhood. She has always been a leader. Gold medal, red diploma, in a short time from an ordinary lawyer she became the head of the department. Foreign business trips, an apartment in the city center, a premium car. I won’t say that everything was easy for her. She achieved everything herself. I set a goal and went to it. Beautiful, young, successful. At 35, William appeared in her life. And everything is like a fairy tale – love, wedding, moving to the capital, home, two children and even a driver. She has everything except her former confident look and self-confidence.

From the outside it may seem that she still needs? Spring depression. Deficiency of vitamin D and cortisol. According to statistics, women fall into depression 2 times more often than men. Postpartum depression is a separate form, which affects 13% of mothers.

Postpartum depression is a terrible thing, it comes on the sly and is difficult to recognize. Where does it start, from irritation to a scream or a thought to go out the window? Finding the tail of this ball is difficult and difficult, so you should pay attention to preparing for childbirth. Preparing your consciousness for this transformation. When now you cannot belong only to yourself. Your life will never be the same.

Reported cases of depression in men are several times less. Most likely, this is due to stereotypes like “a man should be strong”, “a man should not worry about problems, but solve them,” etc. Therefore, it is more difficult for men to understand how to deal with depression and admit to having a disease associated with emotions. In some cases, male depression is unconsciously masked by irritability and aggression, immersion in work and career, alcoholism and other addictions.

So what is depression in psychology?

Depression is a mental disorder that leads to decreased activity and interest in life. Symptoms of depression

There are several signs by which you can recognize depression, but not all of them will be present at once. This state lasts not a day or two. Typically, a bad mood for no apparent reason lasts for several weeks. In addition to a bad mood, a depressed person usually feels a lack of strength, depression, the ability to enjoy and rejoice sharply decreases, the desire to communicate decreases, performance suffers, sleep and appetite are disturbed (both upward and vice versa, up to refusal of food), irritability, anxiety and obsessive fears.

So what is depression?

According to some reports, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. The figure is impressive.

What to do when your depression comes back

Black days have passed, life has more or less improved. But one day there is a subtle sensation: something is wrong. How do you know that depression won’t take over life again?

Depression forces me to give up thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and any other experience that would normally interest me. Ultimately it plays against me. And although now I understand how it works, I have to work very hard on myself in order not to succumb to the destructive influence of depression. I have a plan for next week: not get depressed and get back to my morning routine. Gradually, step by step, bring back and break this vicious circle.

Depression classified as:

  • moderate depression
  • masked depression (latent depression)
  • reactive depression
  • melancholic depression (recurrent)
  • atypical depression
  • deep depression

Depression is not an easy thing to do. Many psychologists call it an “emotional cold.” In modern medicine, any, even the most complex forms of human mental disorders can be cured. One of the most common treatments for depression is psychotherapy. The doctor will help you learn how to properly communicate with people around you, change your negative thinking style and behavior to a positive attitude towards life.

A specialist will help normalize a person’s emotional comfort and advise how to avoid the recurrence of a mental disorder. The main drug treatment is the use of antidepressants. Choose, advise and prescribe that only a professional doctor can.

Depression is categorized

To avoid depression, not to fall into it, psychologists recommend the following:

  • stay asleep – go to bed and wake up at the same time
  • learn to relax
  • study yourself and build self-esteem
  • learning to distinguish between failure and disaster
  • praise yourself for any progress
  • go in for sports

Depression is most often characterized by nervous exhaustion. The body cannot cope with the stress factor and goes into energy saving mode.

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