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You ask, I answer. Here’s a new question from another reader:

“I’ve heard more and more people saying it’s a good idea to find published authors who will read my manuscript and write a review or endorsement that I can then submit to to publishers with my book proposal. Is this something editors really value?”

The short answer: No.

Oh, you want more details? Okay dokey. Here’s the expanded answer:I’m not sure where this recommendation came from, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Nor do many of the published writers I know. In fact, we’re all kind of confused as to who thought this was a good idea.

As an acquisitions editor, the only review or endorsement that would have any impact on me would be one from a published author who actually knew you. Or from an author I know and trust. But bottom line, what matters to me is the writing, not what someone else says about your manuscript.