5 books for a cozy winter evening

We invite you to dive into the fabulous, romantic and atmospheric stories of books from our selection. Make yourself comfortable and don’t forget to treat yourself to a tasty treat. Enjoy reading!

Aunt Who Doesn’t Die

Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay
This is the perfect novel representing Indian literature. With ease, soulfulness and humor, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay tells the story of one family in three generations, following the fates of three women. Love, wisdom, life’s journey, and even elements of magical realism – this book is ideal for spending a pleasant evening with it.

The Secret Santa

Trish Harnetiaux

At the Christmas party of the real estate firm owned by Henry Calhoun and his wife Claudine, they always play Secret Santa. Every Christmas, employees try to outdo each other and bring the most extravagant gift to show off the commission earned over the year. The atmosphere is heating up more than usual as superstar Zara will be attending this year’s celebration. And Claudine is determined to sell her a house in Aspen. But the party freezes when a strange figurine is found among the gifts. Claudine and Henry understand that this is the key to their dark past … It remains to find out which of the colleagues found out their terrible secret and what he wants.

A glass of wine, a cozy fire, a bubble bath … but nothing can help you relax like Trish Arnetio’s Secret Santa debut. This book is a real gift to yourself! A way to escape into a world of snow-capped mountains, murder and glamor. A psychological thriller about a marriage built on lies that begin to destroy the everyday life of a luxurious life. An addictive detective story full of vivid characters that you want to meet in the book, and that you want to avoid in real life, equally. If you’re looking for an atmospheric thriller that can be read in one sitting, Secret Santa is for your taste.

The call of the ancestors

Jack London

“Call of the Ancestors” and “White Fang” – touching stories about the life of wolves, dogs and people, about love and devotion, about trials that temper character. The cold of the harsh North, endless snowy plains, dangerous winter blizzards turn the lives of heroes upside down. They have to find their place in the world and become masters of their lives.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Clive S.L.

A wonderful story about the magical land of Narnia, where love and goodness rule. Animals and birds speak and act like people, and fantastic creatures live in the forests: sorceresses, gnomes, fauns and centaurs. This collection includes all seven parts of the Narnian Cycle.

Blackberry winter

Sarah Jio

Single mother Vera Rae discovers that her three-year-old son has disappeared. The woman is heartbroken, and the only person who cares will not appear until 80 years later. Journalist Claire Aldridge undertakes to investigate this strange case, but soon realizes that Vera’s story is intertwined with her own destiny in the most unexpected way.

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