Books about cars

“100 cars that changed the world” Lurie, Nazarov
Not only people, but also cars become legends. Machines are also changing the world and making revolutions. All about the masterpieces of engineering, about the magnificent examples of the automotive industry from around the world. Learn about cars that have revolutionized the concept of transportation.

“The most famous cars in the world”. From 1945 to the present day “Michael Bowler
Classic car. What is he? Every motorist has his own “classic”. This edition contains cars recognized as classics everywhere and by everyone. They are rare or common, expensive or readily available, rare or found on the streets of every city.

“American cars”. The cars that made America famous “Craig Cheatham
Automotive America is diverse and vibrant. Some of the masterpieces of the US auto industry have become real “stars”. The book will tell about the pearls of the American car industry. You will see pictures of cars that are rightfully called legends.

“Supercars of the World” by Richard Dridge
All about the most powerful cars in the world. A detailed history of the creation of masterpieces of the automotive industry, their technical features, indicators, interesting nuances of modification. Famous models that millions of motorists have dreamed of. Photos of the pearls of the world of machines.

“Sports cars” Rob De La Reeve Boxing
Everything about the sports cars that dominated the tracks in the middle of the 20th century. Then two well-known manufacturers competed, but there were no less interesting specimens, forgotten today. You will learn the details of the creation of the then famous race cars, as well as all their characteristics.

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