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Hello! I am Irina business coach in the USA.

business coach online

Today I will talk about how a coach can be useful for business, what requests can be addressed to him and how he differs from a business psychologist, tracker and consultant. The trends of 2022 will not be left aside, which I will dwell on in detail, as well as reveal the moments of the legal and ethical responsibility of the coach.

If we talk about business coaching, then this topic should be started with a definition of who a coach is in general, on what legal and ethical grounds he conducts his activities, what functionality he performs, including what requests can be addressed to him and what results to expect from working with him.

As we all observe, two years of the pandemic has significantly accelerated changes in the online and offline environment, as well as in economic turnover. Companies are already forced to quickly rebuild both within a rigid management system and within relationships within a team and with business partners. Changes do not leave indifferent neither management nor business owners, because it is the volume of business thinking that is affected, that is, the volume of increasing changes and the speed of mastering these changes.

The trend of 2022 is that in the past, many of us believed that we were victims of the ongoing changes to some extent, and tried to adapt to these rapid changes in the face of uncertainty. Today, most entrepreneurs are embracing a new wave and focusing on what tools can be used to most effectively achieve changes in a unit of time, adapt to them and work through these changes in the best environmentally friendly and resourceful way. The key criterion in this case is the question of human resources, how efficiently we can use our internal, and then external, resources in a unit of time.

And in this process, it is the business coach who can create a productive space of trust and security, support the client in focusing on the result, and, through questions and special techniques, direct the client’s attention to identifying the best strategies and tools for implementing changes, both internal and external. But in this process, as you know, the responsibility for the result lies with the client, and the coach does not bring anything of his own.

What are the requests for a business coach?

If we examine the volume of requests received by a business coach, we can single out work with the first persons of the company (top management), business owners, as well as team coaching and coaching of individual team members.
Working with business owners assumes that the coach has expert competencies that allow them to consider the scope of the business architecture, business strategy as broadly as possible and support the client in these parts. Here the main feature is that the coach does not limit the client with his experience and vision. To do this, a business coach should correctly assess the scope of his expert competencies and business experience and, based on this, formulate an offer for clients.

How to evaluate the results of working with a coach

The results of working with a coach are always variable, since the needs of clients are very different. The key point in joint work should be that not point, but systemic changes will begin to occur in the life of the client, including in his identity. When a client has a desired image for himself and the amount of change in attitudes, then all decisions will be made by him based on his value apparatus and the vision of why it is more important for him to introduce certain changes in life and business can become clearer. In general, coaching allows you to fully cover the entire life and work of the client, and not just solve some point problems.

Summing up, I would like to note that the values ​​of the coach and his skills really allow the client to use life resources as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. The client can stretch the changes and the processes of their implementation for years, or in coaching he can focus on what is maximum possible for him in a unit of time, and accordingly go through the necessary steps in the best possible way and discover new perspectives and horizons. Working with a coach is a great way to discover yourself.

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