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bookstore near me successfully operating in the USA and other countries of the world. A large online book store near me. In it you can order books at any time 24 hours a day. In the bookstore you will find books for every taste, for this we have made a convenient catalog, thematic collections and special promotions. We are sure you will like our bookstore. Welcome!

Online book store in detail

The bookstore is organized as part of a bookselling and publishing holding. Here you will find fiction, business publications, textbooks, children’s books: news and bestsellers; as well as a large assortment of games, films, music, programs, toys, stationery at competitive prices.

Especially for our customers, we hold regular promotions and competitions, organize quizzes, invite authors to communicate with readers, write book reviews. Among other book stores, it features a convenient interface, easy navigation, and feedback quality. Our site is often found by the words: bookstore, bookstore near me or book house, but in reality we have all the methods of delivery to any city in the world. Along with courier services, pick-up points operate in various cities. Most of them have shelves with books for exchange. We invite you to have a good time reading an interesting novel.

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Thanks for stopping in. This site is dedicated to anyone and everyone who reads and loves fiction, writing, or editing. So what will my site do for you? Well! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Help with writing. The Writing Tips page lists books  as well as a number of links to writers’ conferences and other helpful sites.
  • Suggestions for a great read. Why not start with one of my Books?
  • If you want Annie’s and Lori’s color chart (from Kaleidoscope Eyes)  is the spot for you. Also, check if you want to learn more about Synaesthesia, the fascinating condition Annie (and my friend, Lori) has, where the senses get their signals crossed, and people taste color and music, or smell colors, and all sorts of amazing things.
  • Help becoming an editor. It’s a great career, but it’s hard to break in. So check out my Be An Editor page.
  • An insider’s peek into publishing. The Latest News page shares thoughts and insights to help you understand writers and the ever-changing world of publishing.
  • If you want to get to know me (and some of my novelist buddies) a little better, check out the Author Fun and Photo pages.
  • Last but not least, have a question that’s been bugging you about writing, publishing, or editing? Send it through my Contact page for a written response, or go to my .  For even more fun, , and type in your question. You’ll get a video response from me.
  • Please to make sure you know the latest and greatest when it happens.

So come wander a while. Have fun, and remember, there’s wonder everywhere. All you have to do is look.


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